Fall Decorations

Published on 22 September 2021 at 11:21


Today is the first day of Fall and usually I begin decorating sometime in the first week of September. So let’s get started! When I decorate for the Fall, I’ll leave up the decoration until the week of Thanksgiving. That’s about a whole 2 months. I don’t care because I am always in the holiday spirit. We don’t decorate the spooky scariness for Halloween. The fall theme stays up and there is pumpkins and scarecrows in the front yard.



Usually our decorations involves pumpkins, scarecrows, signs (Ex: fall, autumn, leaves), and hay. For the outside decorations sometimes there are leaves on the ground or as time goes leaves will begin to fall. I guess you can say that is one less decoration you have to pay for. Then next we brainstorm how we want the front yard to decorated or sometimes we have an idea in mind. We love working together as a family. (Note: we don’t usually get pumpkins into the second week in October. We do this because the pumpkins seems to last through November.)







The inside decorations can also be the outside decorations as well. The only twist is I like to have a cinnamon, pumpkin, apple or some type of fall smell in the house. This can range from candles, sprays, plugin and etc. Decorations in the house can be setting up the table in the color of orange, brown, burnt reddish orange along with a golden yellow color with a Fall centerpiece. In our house we decorate shelves with fall décors. Our fireplace has autumn leaves drape along the trimmings with fall décor decorations on top. We would burn the candles or air wick plug-in to lit the room to scent the rooms in autumn smells.







Here are some stores that have some of the cutest decorations:



  1. Michael's –Michael's is my top place to buy any holiday accessories. It can be a bit expensive, but you can find deals like 25%-50% off the original prices. Also you can shop for any type of decoration for indoor and outdoor uses.


  1. Walmart- Walmart prices are great. Holiday decors ranges from anything indoors to outdoors as well. Every other year I seem to buy another scarecrow to put out sides or fall pillows to decorate the couch.



  1. Target- Target can be little expensive. They have great fall decoration for inside the house. The table setting are gorgeous. I brought a set of 4 fall leaves plates that I can set on the table as decorations.


  1. Lowe’s/Home Depot- Lowe's and Home Depot are great for outdoor decorations. I usually would find signs for the outside. Also they always have a variety of inflatables and yard stakes. This year I brought a flag that says Welcome Autumn!



  1. Family Dollar/Dollar General- Family Dollar and Dollar General are the cheapest route to go. They have reasonable inside decors for decorating tables and shelves. I always go in one of these stores and end up getting more than I expect. They have the cutest decors.



Let start decorating the house!

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